Mass and Gravity

Part 1

Spacetime Model


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To improve readibility, the theory is proposed in five parts of 40-80 pages each, combined in a book of 270 pages. These documents are free of charge and royalties free, very easy to understand, and supported by many color figures.

If you prefer to go directly to a particular subject skipping the others, you can download the relevant part separately. Each of the five parts begins with a summary of the previous parts.

On the contrary, the book does not have a summary at the beginning of each part. If the reader chooses to read the book instead of separate parts, it is absolutely necessary to start your reading at the very beginning.

>>> Downloading the book may take a long time (3.5 Mbytes) <<<

Download the book (about 270 pages).

or separately:

Download Part 1:     Mass and Gravitation

or download the scientific version of Part 1. For physicists (ArXiV format).
or download only the document "maths.pdf". For physicists (ArXiV format).

  • Explanation of the curvature of spacetime,
  • Origin of Mass and Gravity,
  • Why E = mc2?
  • Explanation of the increase of mass of relativistic particles,
  • General Relativity : Why does the time increase? ...

Download Part 2:     Constitution of Matter

  • The mystery of the wave-particle duality,
  • Why the velocity of light is constant?
  • The mechanism of waves and particles creation,
  • What is the neutrino?
  • Constitution of particles (matter) ...

Download Part 3:     Quarks and Antimatter

  • Why the charge of the proton is exactly equal in absolute value to that of the electron?
  • A logical explanation of the Schrodinger Probability and the E0 level,
  • The internal constitution of quarks; origin of their charge -1/3 +2/3,
  • A new Standard Model, the "missing link",
  • The origin of the strong nuclear force,
  • The location of antimatter in the universe ...

Download Part 4:     Electromagnetism

  • The mechanism of electromagnetism,
  • What is exactly the photon?
  • Solution the Young Slits enigma,
  • Understanding the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle,
  • Explanation of the EPR ...

Download Part 5:     Forces, Universe

  • The unification of the basic forces in two generic forces,
  • The dual internal structure of the nucleus,
  • Unification of the three forces in only two basic forces,
  • A new theory on the Big-Bang ...